BrainVISA developers’ website

BrainVISA: a neuroimaging software platform for mass data analysis

All the information for users of BrainVISA is on This website is meant for developers.


Developing in BrainVISA environment

Contributor’s guide

Release policy

Structure of BrainVISA

BrainVISA contains a set of projects, each project may be divided into several components. About 50 components are currently part of the BrainVISA environment.

Main applicative projects:

In addition to applicative projects, some infrastructure projects help managing compilation and cross-compilation, porting, testing, packaging, deployment, and releases of BrainVISA distributions:

This developer site focuses more on the latter infrastructure tools, and on topics of how to develop in BrainVISA development environment, how to release the software packages etc.

There is also a developer section on BrainVisa website, which also deals about the various libraries APIs to develop applications.

Developers docs

Porting prohjects to Qt5 and Python3